Harvard girl quits Wall Street job, finds passion in nursing elderly


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Chen Si talks with the elderly people at Tianzhushan Nursing Home in Shenyang, capital of northeast China’s Liaoning Province, Chen Si, 34, graduated from Harvard University.

Chen Si in 2013 quit her job on Wall Street and came back to her hometown, to start a full-time job as a director of a nursing home.

At first, many people didn’t understand the reason why a young lady like her made such a decision and doubted whether she could take good care of the elderly.

There were nearly 500 elderly people at the nursing home, with an average age of 80 years old.

To get more involved in their lives, Chen Si moved into the nursing home and tried to make friends with the elderly.

Over time, she won their trust and love and established strong bonds with them.

They called her “ACE’’ lady as she works as a psychological consultant, a nutritionist and a nurse at the same time.

She took care of their health, paid attention to their diet and kept them company.

Chen Si also integrated the psychotherapy she learnt at Harvard University into various game activities, held cultural workshops and even set up a fashion model club for elderly people.

In Chen Si’s opinion, the senior care industry, it’s not only about keeping the elderly well-fed and well clothed.

What’s more important was to make the elderly feel valued.

“I never feel regret about my choice. I truly hope that more young people will join me in providing senior care service, contributing forward-looking ideas, professional skills and compassion,’’ said Chen Si. (Xinhua/Yang Qing/NAN)

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